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Farm Updates 7/16/2020

Posted on July 16th, 2020 by Kyla Byers

Whew, what a whirlwind these first couple weeks of Farm Shares have been! Thank you for bearing with us as we get used to our new software system.

Even though it seems like it's been a nice warm and sunny summer so far, the valley has been a little cooler, and crops are taking just a little longer to really get going. The first few weeks of boxes are always a little slim, but things are quickly picking up on the farms! It was so great to see some radishes, kohlrabi, sweet crispy green cabbage, garlic scapes and more cherry and beefsteak tomatoes last week. 

We're super excited for the coming week as more and more goodies continue to come ready. Some new things you might see in your box this week:

  • Green Zucchini from Three Ladybugs Farm
  • Kale & Cabbage from Vanderweele Farm
  • Snow Apple Salad Turnips from Spring Creek Farm
  • Oyster Mushrooms from Farm North Fungi

Remember, not everyone will get everything each week. So if you really want something, set those preferences! Otherwise, we'll be sure to spread the goodies around each week as they're available. And be sure to check out the Extras for everything from local honey to locally made granola!