Farm Happenings at Angelic Organics Farm
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Farm Happenings at Angelic Organics Farm

Week 3 Farm News Coming Soon

Posted on July 19th, 2019
You will receive Week 3 Farm News in your delivery reminder email. read more »

Farmer John Writes: A Rogue Bank

Posted on July 12th, 2019
There are many banks today. Most of them are registered and subject to stringent regulations. Let me introduce you to the Weed Bank—rogue, unruly, unregulated (except by obscure laws of nature.) The weed bank is where weed seeds languish, sometimes for years, until conditions favor germination—foxtail... read more »

Farmer John Writes: When the Pavement Dries Fast

Posted on July 3rd, 2019
Welcome to our 2019 weather adventure–the wettest spring since Illinois started keeping records; hence our late start of your deliveries. In fact, it has been the wettest 12 consecutive months since Illinois started keeping records. Remarkably, our crops (your crops) overall look quite good; however,... read more »