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Order by Thursday at 8 pm for Saturday Pick-up

Posted on August 4th, 2020 by Holly Whitesides

Welcome to the Against the Grain Farm Stand where you can pre-order for pick up at either Watauga Country Farmer's Market or at the farm for Saturday, August 8th.  If you're reading this in an email, you'll see the items that we have to offer this week below.  You can simply click on the yellow button "purchase from the farmstand" to reserve a box, make swaps and add extras to the base box that Harvie will put together for you.  If you're reading this in the Harvie platform, navigate over to the "farm stand" to reserve your box.

The ordering period for Saturday pick-up closes at 8pm on Thursday, August 6th.

If you have any questions about your box or the farm stand process, please reach out to Holly directly by email at or by phone at 828-406-4439.  If you are having any difficulties placing your order or would like to confirm the contents of your box, please do not hesitate to reach out to Holly. 

In terms of life on the farm, our "second spring" is in full swing!  August 1st marks the official beginning of the time when we re-plant much of the farm with cool season crops like kale, collards, radishes, broccoli, turnips and arugula.  In order to prepare for planting, we focus on removing old crop debris and weeds, spreading amendments and compost and reshaping the garden beds.

The second spring is always a relatively busy time on the farm.  The crew has been working hard since the "first spring," so there are some tired bodies in the field, for sure.  Plus, heavy crops like potatoes and tomatoes are in full swing right now, so there is a lot of extra lifting going on.  But, we've welcomed some new wwoofers and a new apprentice to the farm, so we have some reinforcements!

Until next time, much love and happy eating,

Holly, Andy and the ATG Crew