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Pre Order for Saturday, April 18th Pick Up

Posted on April 14th, 2020 by Holly Whitesides

Welcome to the third ATG farm stand where you can pre-order vegetables for pick up at either the farmer's market or the farm on Saturday, April 18th.  Harvie has put together a box for you, based on a combination of your preferences (if you've set them) and the produce that the farm has to offer.  You'll see the potential contents of your box below.  Make sure to click on the yellow box labeled "purchase from the farm stand" to confirm your order, make swaps and add extras for a customized box!  IF you have any concerns about your box (either the contents or confirmation of your order), please don't hesitate to reach out directly to Holly by email ( or phone (828-406-4439).  We want to make sure this is an enjoyable experience and does not add to the uncertainty of the times.

In other farm news, we are busy planting and working in the field between the rain storms.  We're transplanting crops like kale (pictured above), chard, spinach, beets, and lettuce and direct seeding crops like arugula, turnips and radishes.  Thankfully, we've had no significant wind or rain damage to any crops or buildings in the last few storms, but the wind has made for some restless nights for the farmers!  Our planting schedule stays on track, despite the collective cultural experiences of our present time.

Our focus at ATG has always been and will remain to grow food full of vitality and nutrition that has the capacity to nurture all the parts of a human being.  We hope that the love of the farm can be tasted in the produce that we offer to our community.  We are here for questions, comments and feedback.  Much love, Holly, Andy and ATG Crew