Harvie 2022 Impact

In 2022, Harvie and its members contributed to the growth of Pittsburgh’s economy and local food system. Our work to improve internal systems and structures helped them get local food in as many hands as possible — ultimately moving them toward the primary vision for Harvie: creating a vibrant, local food economy providing Pittsburghers with delicious food while connecting them to the people that produced it.

2022 by the number:

4632 Harvie members in Pittsburgh helped support the city’s economy by eating and buying locally. These efforts, in turn, had many positive effects on the environment, local businesses and farms, the Pittsburgh community, and more.

Over the course of the year, Harvie delivered 68392 boxes filled with local and sustainably sourced food to its members.

This year, Harvie members supported 253 small producers and growers and tried over 1532 new products. In total, Harvie members purchased 1,000,057 products this year.

Harvie put more than $3 million back into Pittsburgh’s local economy.

In 2022, Harvie expanded its local food footprint by delivering to 104 zip codes.

Working to reach their goal of making local food easy, Harvie achieved many structural changes that made eating local more accessible and enjoyable for many Pittsburghers:

This year, Harvie extended the shopping window from three days to six. Now, members can shop on Harvie anytime — up until 24 hours before their delivery day. No more time wasted driving to a store or waiting in grocery store lines.

As a means to reduce food waste and further support small farmers, Harvie launched Harvie Kitchen, a staff-run program that offers bulk items, fresh-cut cheeses, prepared foods, and more. The goal of the kitchen is to save produce that may be overlooked in the fields, wasted due to surplus, or thrown away because of imperfections through delicious food.

In 2022, Harvie completely re-vamped the shopping experience. This refresh included re-doing how the cart was shown, how products are described, and search ability.

Embracing their goal of making buying local food easy and accessible, Harvie restructured the membership, lowering the delivery minimum from $99 to $35. Along with this change, they introduced the Harvie Green plan, the “Amazon Prime of local food.” This plan gets members free delivery all year as well as rewards. Green members who spend $100 receive 4% credit back in Harvie credits, and those who spend more than $200 receive 6% back.

To better serve members, Harvie updated the cart-building algorithm to reflect shopping habits. The algorithm will automatically populate favorite and frequently-ordered items into carts, making the shopping experience easier for every member.