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Two sides to the story

Posted on June 6th, 2024 by Shelli and Paul Meulemans

Spring feels like it’s tying up for us, with summer nipping at its heels. We have been blessed with mild weather and most crops are coming along swimmingly. Here at the farm we consider ourselves to be regenerative, which is what allows is to reduce inputs while growing great food with an eye on the bottom line. By grazing animals on the land we are able to bring fertility up and continue to produce lots of vegetables while simultaneously producing animal protein in the form of meat and eggs. We appreciate each of your support, it allows us to continue to improve soil and make every year better than the previous one. For those of you that enjoy our produce, you can help support both sides of the system by trying some lamb or getting a dozen eggs. I know that the proteins we offer aren’t the cheapest options around, but I believe they are some of the healthiest available. If you’re new to cooking lamb, we recommend just slow cooking a roast or chops, resulting in tender, delicious, and mild meat.

Please remember to return your boxes to help reduce avoidable packaging costs and let us know if you have any issues or are missing any items!