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Final crops

Posted on November 23rd, 2023 by Shelli and Paul Meulemans

This is the last box of 2023. Things to know about the new items available-

  • Popcorn: it is not fully dry and ready to pop yet. Please leave it out in your house until Christmas and then either pop it on the cob in the microwave in a paper bag or take the kernels off the cob and pop on the stove. Enjoy!
  • Sweet potatoes: we have two varieties - the orange is a standard, the purple is purple inside as well and is more dry and would be excellent for fries or roasting. 
  • Stew chicken: these birds make the most delicious broth for soups! We slow cook the bird in some water and then use all the liquid for soup base. The meat is tasty too, just don’t expect it to taste like meat breed chicken. These are our certified organic, pasture-raised birds and the broth and meat is very nutrient dense.

Our farm store remains open Sunday-Friday year-round - we will continue to stock our eggs, produce as available, chicken, lamb brats (lamb will be back in stock right before Christmas), and more.

Thank you much for being part of our season extension this year! If you haven’t already, don’t delay to sign up for your 2024 share. We are looking forward to a great year of nutritious food!

- your farmers