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Clean up, clean up! Farm store and 2022!

Posted on October 8th, 2021 by Shelli and Paul Meulemans

It’s that time of the year when we actually pull crops and flip as much ground as we can into winter rye and hairy vetch! 1800 pounds of seed was delivered this week to the farm, and hopefully we will get it all spread soon! It’s more seed than we have ever put out in the fall, but this cover crop is critical to the health of our soil, and thereby the entire farm. Also, we have found that we can graze this crop through the winter to greatly reduce the sheep’s requirement for hay or grain feed. This is the kind of win-win that we try and identify on the farm, by taking one enterprise and having it be profitable, but then layer on another enterprise which is also profitable and beneficial! We are also due to trellis our new 1/3 acre blackberry plants in hopes to have great berries for you again next year!

The last box of the season is going out this week, which means that we are looking forward to supplying you with more great food next season! You can now sign up for next season, or if you haven’t turned off auto-renew in your Harvie account, it’ll just sign you up! We are offering unlimited egg shares only until December, and a new flower share.

If you’re local, you can keep getting our produce in our on farm store which we will try to keep decently stocked. We will remain open Sunday-Friday for self service of our eggs, dairy, beef, dry goods, and produce. However, restocked fresh veggies of the best selection will be on THURSDAYS 4-7pm!

Thanks so much for being a part of our 2021 season!

Paul and Shelli