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Thoughts on Regenerative Agriculture

Posted on September 24th, 2021 by Shelli and Paul Meulemans

Regenerative agriculture is a non-regulated branch of agriculture which claims to regenerate the landscape while sequestering carbon and growing better, more flavorful food. So if you see someone claim to be a ‘regenerative’ farm, or you see a regenerative label, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s any different than any other conventional product. Why? It is not a regulated term, so, really anybody can claim a regenerative label, and many producers will do so while still clinging to agrochemicals as a lifeline to success.

Is Wild Coyote Farm regenerative? As the manger of our farm we do as much as we can to follow the tenants of regenerative agriculture, but we do not always adhere the regenerative principles as dogma. We do tend to see a general regenerative effect of our farming practices on the landscape, but that doesn’t mean that I would claim that every aspect of our operation is achieving that outcome. We do sometimes do things that don’t necessarily support that outcome - such as tarping down weeds to grow baby arugula, or using some tillage. What I see is an overall regenerative effect on soil health, plant health, as well as an overall increase insect and animal diversity. Thank you for supporting the regeneration of the land we steward!

Housekeeping notes - we are sorry the we cannot retrieve the last two fruit shares of the season (we will make sure you are not charged for them). Please contact us if you really would like yours and we can figure out a way to ship it to you. Please let us know if you’re missing any items or have any concerns, as usual. The apples and winter squash are again brought to us from our neighbor organic farm, Earth First Farms.