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Know Your Farmers

Posted on September 3rd, 2021 by Shelli and Paul Meulemans

This isn’t Amazon. When you communicate with us, it’s with the person who grew, harvested and packed your food, maybe even delivered it! We run a very lean crew here - leaner than we had hoped for this year but we’ve had a hard time finding good help. A few weeks ago our couple of part time seasonal student workers left for school. So we are back to the three of us - Paul and Shelli (own and operate the farm full time for 4 years) and Kyle (he’s been working with us for two years round). Kevin does our local deliveries as well. We also are super thankful for our friend and nanny, grandpa and grandma, and nana who help to care for our three year old daughter, Bria.

Our small team is thankful for each of you customers that allow us to grow organic fresh produce for you! We enjoy our work, although long and occasionally tiring :), and are passionate about growing the best food for our customers. Thanks for being a part of this season!

Please let us know if you receive an unripe or bad watermelon and we will send you a new one. We cannot guarantee each one without opening it up.