Farm Happenings at Whitefeather Organics
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Farm Happenings at Whitefeather Organics

Farmers Market Pre-order for June 6, 2020

Posted on June 4th, 2020
We are heading to the Farmers Market this Saturday.  If you would like to pre-order produce for pickup at the Stevens Point Farmers Market, this week we are offering: Microgreens, Braising Greens, Rhubarb, and Shiitake (limited).  Once you purchase, you can SWAP items AND/OR add extra produce. (This... read more »

Farm Happenings for June 4, 2020

Posted on June 1st, 2020
Here we go, first run of some summer(ish) produce! Over all the spring season has been slow to grow but with the use of some greenhouse magic and a strict timeline we are giving it the go! Note that this Harvie platform allows you to swap items or purchase more when available, to get the most out of... read more »

Farmers Market Box for May 30, 2020

Posted on May 28th, 2020
We are offering something NEW.  Pre-order a Farmers Market box for pickup at the Saturday Market.  The box starts at a $15 value packed with a variety of goods. Once you purchase your box, you can SWAP farmer's choice AND/OR add extra produce.   read more »

Farm Happenings for May 21, 2020

Posted on May 18th, 2020
Another 2007 throwback picture from close to the same date, pump house is assembled (that is now the pizza hut) the greenhouse in background I made out of used PVC conduit and some plastic from the hardware store. The plastic lasted a year, but the greenhouse a few years until the wind had its way.  This... read more »

Farm Happenings for May 14, 2020

Posted on May 11th, 2020
I'm having fun with the throwback pictures. This is the same time of year in 2007, Siris could fit in my arm and now he's taller than me! It's still cold out, this vortex must end!! Don't miss out check out the swaps and extras! read more »

Spring share 6 May 7, 2020

Posted on May 4th, 2020
This image is from May 2007, the first building on the farm to go over the well and we are still building 13 years later. I see just over half of the members are using the customization features so far which is what our surveys showed when asking last year.  It is nice to see everyones name and... read more »

Farm Happenings for April 30, 2020

Posted on April 27th, 2020
Picture is from the same time of year 2007 first spring on the farm!  Farmer you will grow a pickle if you don't have water.  Please take a look again this week at what you can swap we did have some issues with people swapping last week, but got them resolved let me know if you have any issues... read more »

Spring share 4

Posted on April 20th, 2020
A through back picture to on the farm in 2008. Please note I have played with the swapping option to help with customizing your share more!!  I've been running the field of the farm every evening for the last week, its go time onions have moved outta the greenhouse, hopefully we get to see some... read more »

Farm Happenings for April 16, 2020

Posted on April 13th, 2020
Welcome to week 3 of the spring share and a WI spring it is! Hopefully my farmer tech neck kinks are worked out and it goes a bit cleaner.  Farmer-T read more »