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Farm Happenings for September 1, 2020

Posted on August 27th, 2020 by Shiloh Avery

I realized the other day that I just don’t take as many pictures as I used to. It’s as if everything we do here is just no longer fascinating.  As if the art of growing food has lost its luster.  But then, in a torrent of jubilation, I understood that it’s not that!!!  It’s late August.  Duh.

The exhaustion has settled subtly upon us like the morning dew, so slyly we never even noticed the predation.  Instead, we just noticed that basic maintenance seemed too much of a bother to mess with.  “I think I’ll just lay here in bed a few minutes longer—I don’t need to stretch every morning”; “I know meditation helps me control reactions, but so does laying here a while longer”; “I don’t really need to brush my teeth every night”.  We fall heavy into bed at a time even we are too embarrassed to admit, “who cares that it’s not even dark yet—I’ll just close this shade…”

Someone wise once told me, “never analyze your career choice in August.”  Fortunately, August also brings slightly shorter days and longer shadows, breaths of cooler weather and other harbingers of autumn, and, well, peppers.  Do not fret, my friends, this is not my annual ode to capsicum annuum, but just a foreshadow of its approach.  It’s a reckoning with the cost of the labor that leads to said fruit of the gods, and a nod toward all the delicious things to come.  Yeah, it is always worth it.  Always.

Our egg farmers, Dawn and Mark, of Mountain Memories Farm, grew hemp and have processed the hemp oil into products.  If you are interested, you will find them for sale in the "purchase extras" section.  If you would like more information about the products, you can call Dawn (276) 655-4744 or email