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Early Summer Beets and Turnips

Posted on June 1st, 2024 by Ashley Thompson

For boxes this week we've got some of our favorite early summer crops.  Some highlights this week include our special early season chioggia beets that are super sweet and have a beautiful bullseye pattern inside.  My favorite way to eat fresh beets is roasted and on a fresh salad with goat cheese-- use either lettuce mix or arugula, whichever you prefer!  Here's some inspiration from Love and Lemons for you, and she even has a link to a sauteed beet greens recipe as well.  I consider beet greens free swiss chard, the plants are related and they taste quite similar.  It's a great side to something you're already making this week.

We also have my favorite roots this time of year-- salad turnips available this week.  These are so great raw, satueed, or roasted, and the greens are great as well.  I'd recommend cooking the greens up with your beet greens bulk them up and add a little flavor.  The salad turnips themselves are great fresh on a salad, or my new obsession is roots + miso.  Here's a recipe from my favorite gal, Andrea Bemis, for Miso Turnips!

I hope you're enjoying the fresh spring flavors, our field is about to be bursting with new flavors, I can't wait to share new ones with you each week.

Your farmers,

Ashley, Caleb and the Sungrounded Crew