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Hot days call for cool salad!

Posted on July 9th, 2020 by Marcelle Paulin

Thank you for trying our very first Harvie Pop up Shares! We are excited to be sharing the 2020 farming season with you. Please note that our 2020 Thunder Bay pickup location has changed: We have chosen to use the open space at the CLE where the sports dome was - just look for our white tents. We have moved from our previous location because of space limitations and a commitment to keeping the physical distance between each of our members and staff. While at the CLE on Wednesdays, you can also visit the Thunder Bay Country Market to get other local goods.

It's been surprisingly hot this summer so far, hotter than any July we've seen here on the farm. Mostly that's a good thing, the crops are growing at a pace that we've never seen and the hay is ready and is currently being mowed, raked, baled and stored away for our cows for the winter. On the other hand, it would be nice to see some rain. There is nothing better for our vegetable fields than a gentle natural rain after a hot day in the sun. We watch the radar carefully and make predictions whether or not we think it will rain each evening. It's been so long since it has rained, it could probably be described as a drought! Due to this hot, dry weather our irrigation system has been working overtime keeping the soil moist so seeds can germinate and crops watered so they will be ready for your plate. UPDATE: The irrigation system got a break just as the last bale of hay was brought in! WE are thankful for a gentle, overcast day which allowed the soil to really soak up the warm rain water.

We are excited to have lots of beautiful crops that will be in full swing by the time our July 29 CSA starts. In the meantime, we hope you will enjoy some lovely salads, some sautéed greens and some steamed garlic scapes (an early season delicacy) this week and anticipate more summer beauty to come!