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2022: The Year of Mature Soil and Great Food

Posted on December 31st, 2021 by Pedro Aponte

It takes about seven years for a permaculture system to mature. That's when most fruit trees begin to produce, when  interactions between animal and plant species become harmonious, and when the soil turns so rich in nutrients and life that a handful of soil typically contains more living organisms than planet earth contains human beings. 2022 is our seventh year farming using permaculture methods. Our system has grown resilient, wild life abounds, and our soil is aptly referred to as black gold. 

We are so proud of our living soil. It has allowed us to grow healthy crops, free from pesticides and chemicals. A healthy soil is a soil full of nutrients that are passed on to crops to thrive. Those crops are strong to fight outside pressure (pests, diseases) and they carry on that nutritional load for us to be nourished and to help us stay strong as well. Over the past two years we've heard a lot about preventing the spread of the pandemic but not so much about keeping ourselves strong and healthy. This year our family farm is resolving to grow even more nutritionally-dense food. We are expanding our gardens to increase our CSA program and we are stepping up our pasture-chicken operation to offer a larger volume than in previous years. We are also systematizing our educational programs to make more people aware of the importance of healthful food and offering training (farm workshops, video tutorials, masterclasses) on food-growing for the home gardeners. We also want to make our super high-quality products available to our community. We currently have shares available for our 2022 Community Supported Agriculture program.