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Farm Happenings for March 4, 2021

Posted on March 1st, 2021 by Andrea McAdow

How Harvie Works 

Rating products in your preferences is the first way to ensure that what you love is included in your share. Anything rated with a 1 (Not for Me) will never be included in your share. Here’s a brief tutorial on How do preferences work?. To set your preferences ahead of time and make sure your box will be customized to fit them visit this link:

After you’ve set your preferences, you can customize your share during the customization period. When the customization window is open, you can swap items for other products and purchase extras. Here’s a great resource that goes over How Swaps and Extras Work.

Please customize your farm share or purchase extras if you like using the link in your email. You will have until 1 pm on Wednesday to make changes to your farm share.

How to Reschedule or Hold Your Share

Have a trip coming up, need to hold a particular box, or know that you’ll want to double up on deliveries on a future date? We’ve got you covered! You can reschedule and hold your shares to ensure your deliveries arrive when they work best for your household. Please make these changes  well ahead of time, as finalized shares cannot be rescheduled or changed once they’re included in a delivery. 

Rescheduling a Share Date

When you reschedule your share, you'll be prompted to pick the next available date at your chosen delivery location, and payment will be moved accordingly.  Rescheduling is available to members within the same season.

Let’s Build a Community!

In 2021, we want to build a community of local food eaters here at Rosebird Farms! There are so many creative and interesting people that are members and we want to unlock this community to support all of us in eating fresh and local.We've found private Facebook communities to be a very effective way to communicate, learn, and collaborate in the past so we created a Facebook group called Know Your Farmer Kingman which you can join here.

This is available for current members of Rosebird Farms as well as anyone interested in what we are doing. We encourage you to invite your friends and family!

We thrive and grow on referrals.

If you love your Harvie box, please tell your friends. You can both get $25 in credits when you do! You can use these credits for extras purchases to add on to your box. Find your personal referral link here: Also, if you post an unboxing, recipe, or testimonial video to twitter, facebook, instagram or youtube.. tag us @rosebirdfarms, add your referral link to the post, and send us a screenshot ( and we'll give you a $5 credit on your account.

Got any questions? Drop us a line at or (928) 235-8950