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Farm Happenings for October 8, 2020

Posted on October 5th, 2020 by Andrea McAdow

Hey all,

Woah its October already! We are just about finished filling up the beds at the farm. Rows of green and tiny brassica plants are all tucked into their beds ready for their time to shine. I am much looking forward to tending our planting rather than crawling around planting them.

We have some big news we'll be announcing this week. Its a huge deal for our community and I just wanted to preface it with your weekly boxes make this all possible. "Support your local farmer" is not just a slogan, it truly means that with your purchase you are helping to encourage a small business and create a world that promotes care for the environment and availability of healthy food. So good job you! More on that soon....

New this week:

I have added whole milk in glass bottles to the extra section. If you would like to try it out the price includes a $2 bottle deposit. When you return your glass bottle I will add a $2 credit to your Harvie account.

About Straus Dairy:

"The cows graze on the sweet grasses of Western Marin and Sonoma Counties in Northern California at the nine family farms (including the Straus Dairy Farm) that supply our milk. These pesticide-free organic grasses which thrive in the mild coastal climate, are rich in beta-carotene, giving our dairy products their rich and unique Straus flavor. The cows are never treated with hormones or antibiotics."


If you are interested in pastured raised chicken our friends at Fort Rock will have full sized and cornish game hens available in the coming weeks. The chickens are approx. 4.5lbs and run $30 each and then hens are $18 each. Please email me your order and I will invoice you when they are ready for pick up.

Some Housekeeping Items:

If this is your first delivery week... This week you will see a larger charge than normal on your card. It is the 25% of your total order plus 50% of the first box. PLEASE DON'T PANIC. The remaining charge each week will only be 50% of the remaining cost of your box for that week.

If you are not a weekly person, please double check that the email you are receiving is indeed for a scheduled box for this week. It will have a yellow"swap now" button. Harvie also sends out a farm stand pre-order email that can sometimes get confused with your regular share email.

Here is the help article on swapping out your share items. It goes over how to swap, when and why you may be charged for extras, and how to set your preferences.

I recommend checking out the Harvie University if you are getting hung up on anything or you can always email support at for specific website related questions or me on product related questions.

We do absolutely guarantee our products so if something is not up to par or missing, please do not hesitate to reach out so that we can make it right. Unfortunately, we are still human... working on that.

For Pick up, please come armed with your reuse-able bag to transfer your produce into, we will have extras if you forget though! Or you can try to balance everything in your arms, up to you ;)


We are committed to bringing you the freshest, most flavorful food possible. We are sourcing some products from Southern CA and AZ in addition to those grown on our farms. This will give you a good variety while still allowing you to support local farmers and small businesses.

We want to be as transparent as possible, you will see the source of each product located next to its name.

CA/AZ Organic - California grown and organic

Rosebird CNG - From Rosebird Farms in Kingman AZ, which is Certified Naturally Grown (Organic for little guys like us)

Kingman - From local Kingman farms using organic practices but not certified

If you are receiving a delivery for the week please leave a cooler with plenty of ice on your front porch. 

For farm stand orders: If you are paying with SNAP benefits please select "pay offline" you will need to pick up at West of Third as the government currently only allows us to accept payments at our brick and mortar location. Only fresh produce, dry beans, and dates qualify for the double up discounts. Other food items will still be eligible for SNAP but will not receive the 50% discount.


Thank you SO much for your continued support. We truly love delivering food that nourishes our bodies each week.

-Farmer Andrea