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Weathering the storms of the season

Posted on August 28th, 2019 by Nate Olive

We hope all our members and friends fared well in Dorian.  We are still on for this weekend's CSA as we have a lot to share. We are feeling thankful for the rains and the crops (and weeds) are drinking it up with joy.

Fingers were crossed about our greenhouse in the storm that shifted towards St. Croix.  The good news is it was spared with the relatively week gusts that arrived. The bad news is that not only is it hurricane season, it's also spider mite and blight season with the high temps and humidity that plague nightshade crops.  So, the tomatoes and peppers in there have taken a turn for the worse despite our best efforts, and the nearby eggplant field was pretty much done. 

However, the squash family is doing great, and we pulled in a load of cucumbers and smaller, tender zucchinis.  I also had a first taste of sweet sweet corn, which we hope will be ready in a couple weeks. New greens are flourishing as well, such as bok choy and moringa. Radishes are soon to come as well.

This week marked our first farm to school delivery, where we sourced from 6 growers to provide 30 cases of mixed herbs. This week the lunch staff at schools are preparing seasoning mixes out of it so they can flavor the food for the children with local seasonings.  To celebrate, we are including a mixed herb bunch of our own organic herbs for your kitchen so we can all eat in solidarity:)

Thanks to all who made it out to our slow down dinner, there will be another one in a few weeks so stay tuned on our mailing list or join if you haven't already:)

We are thankful to be spared, and pray for those still in the path of Dorian.