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Farm Happenings for August 21, 2019

Posted on August 16th, 2019 by Charis Lindrooth

Two of my favorite things about living on this farm with it's wide open spaces are watching the phases of the moon and watching summer storms pass by. The moon was full this week. The giant orange orb slipped through eastern clouds yesterday in the early evening. For some reason it makes me think of a giant orange pop tart when it reveals itself this way. When we see the moon close to the horizon like this it tricks us into believing that it is larger than usual. That is simply a matter of perspective. When the moon reaches it's zenith, floating alone in a vast darkness, it appears smaller than it's rising self. 

Here on the farm, with the entire east to west journey of the moon unobstructed, I pay more attention. As the seasons change so does the path of both the moon and the sun. Tuning into this seasonal shift is a simple way to connect to nature, and for a brief moment forget about the distractions of the mind that keep me preoccupied most of the time. I like to look at that moon and feel connected to everyone who might also be looking at it at the very same moment - like the birth mothers of my adopted children. In that moment, maybe they can hear my messages that all is well with the babies they still hold in their hearts.