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Farm Happenings for November 3, 2022

Posted on October 28th, 2022 by Steve Young


I've been receiving emails from some of our members asking if the season is over, and the answer to that is absolutely not! The fall weather so far has been ideal for growing in the greenhouses. Of course that could always change in a New York minute but for now we can all enjoy the beautiful weather in our own way. My personal pleasure of a warm fall season is being able to still grow food in the greenhouses for you, and myself as well. The various greens in this picture are all planned for deliveries over the next two months. If circumstances arise where it starts getting too cold I should still have these and a few basics to get us through until the end of the year. 

I've normally finished up by the end of October which is why many of you have been wondering if we're now at the end of the season. I am going to keep the ball rolling this year as long as humanly and realistically possible.  Being an optimist I still have to keep my goals within the bounds of our natural world. I want everyone to have the best chance to use up their available credit. With that I pledge to do my best against whatever odds befall me.

I'm already thinking about plans for next year and it's most likely I won't be able to return to my regular CSA program unless I can secure a work crew I can truly rely on.

The farm stand environment that you're all now use to I hope has become an ideal solution for your produce needs.  The farm stand platform, or something similar is where I believe I'll need to be until my workforce situation is resolved. It's whats going on right now across all agricultural and food service industries. And it doesn't look like this dilemma is going to change anytime soon. I can't quite farming due to a shortage of labor. After all the years setting this place up for business I'm simply not going to liquidate it all, pull out and retire. No way! This is a great food production system. By virtue of its size it's produced some of the finest food one can acquire. It would be a great loss to all of us.

As a community you've all kept this idea in motion for over thirty years. Lets  together find a way to keep it going.

Take care and thank you! Keep those orders coming in!


Farmer Steve