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Farm Stand Grand Opening

Posted on July 4th, 2022 by Steve Young

Today is the grand opening of the first CSA members only "farm stand" order period.

Notice to all farm stand subscribers: All sales this summer are being offered only to this years CSA share members. If you've subscribed to the "farm stand" as a non-member in the past unfortunately under the circumstances I won't be able to sell to you this summer. If you become annoyed by these emails simply unsubscribe this year and then re-subscribe in 2023.  

I hope everyone will adjust comfortably to this new shopping experience. With this new system in place once we reach our comfort zone with it, the "farm stand" environment should be easy for you to place orders. I'm somewhat new to the farm stand part of Harvie myself. As I learn more about the way it operates, the "farm stand" has a lot of similarities in its appearance and functionality as with the normal customization of your weekly shares. However, now what ever you add to your order will be by your own choice, and not by a computer algorithm deciding what it thinks you need. Each order will be processed and delivered to your pick-up location on Thursdays. Ordering will be solely by your own choice. The charges will be deducted off your credit balance if you received one.  I'm hoping to send out a farm stand notice every week. Each time you'll have about 48 hours to place an order. 

I've shared a few things with you in the recent emails about why I had to suddenly change over to this new method with the CSA delivery season already in progress. There's quite a bit more to it as you probably imagine but here's the main point.

In all earnest I've never been in such a difficult predicament as the one I'm encountering this year. Not finding enough help to support the whole operation of growing, harvesting and delivering food was never a concern until now.  I always had the intuitive sense that I would have a full staff by the time we reached the start of the weekly deliveries. Well after thirty-one years of just being plain lucky, this year my luck ran out. Seeing the signs up for hiring everywhere it appears I'm not the only one in this position.

What really made this a heart stopper for me was the fact I already made a commitment to my subscribers and much of the income from those subscriptions had already been spent to start up the season. I tried for the first two deliveries and then came to the realization if I continued in this manner the program would be greatly compromised by the labor shortage. So not to default on the whole season, and determined in some way to fulfill my commitment I thought the farm stand option would be the best route to take.

I wanted to make it right with all of you by giving you the option to cancel your membership, or continue receiving food using your established credit. There are some members who did choose to take the refund. Thanks to most of you there's been a greater number of you who elected to continue getting food from me this summer. To that I thank you dearly for going along with me on this.

Participants in CSA programs when CSA was still in its infancy were willing to share the risk with the farmer no matter what circumstances arose. That seems no longer the mindset for many of the people who purchase farm shares.  To my delight clearly there's still some who stand by the old traditions and believe in the core philosophy CSA's were founded upon. Thank you for taking that risk and staying with me on this adventure.  As for the emotional risk of owning and operating a farm, I'll keep that part of it to myself. I simply appreciate having the moral support and your vote of confidence as I go through one of the most challenging summers ever.

To learn more about Harvie farm stand and how to place an order click on this link  If you have any questions about any of this send me an email and I'll do my best to give you an answer.

I'm taking a firm belief there will be a positive outcome to all of this. Hope you'll share in that same thought with me.

Thank you!


Farmer Steve