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Farm Happenings for August 12, 2019

Posted on August 9th, 2019 by Joan Norman

It's officially tomato season! Look for every variety of tomato in this week's availability. We will have cherry, slicer, heirloom, and roma varieties on the list this week. We are also getting into the start of colored bell peppers.

This is also most likely our last week of melons so if you haven't gotten your fix of watermelon and cantaloupe make sure you add one to your share this week.

Remember that this is an excellent time of year to start storing extra veggies for the winter. Peppers can be washed and sliced or chopped and frozen in a zip lock bag. You can freeze peppers raw - you don't even need to blanch them. You can also make a quick tomato puree or sauce and freeze it in a zip lock bag. I like to keep my frozen tomato puree relatively unseasoned so I can fine-tune the flavor to the dish I'm making later on. There is no better pick me up on a cold drizzly February night than pulling a bag of summer out of your freezer and having a quick dinner starter!