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Farm Happenings for December 24, 2020

Posted on December 20th, 2020 by Nick DeBrock

Good Morning CSAers, 

Just two more weeks left until the end of the year! Here at the farm, we can not decide if it has been a long year or a short year.... moments it felt like time stood still and other times it felt like 24 hours is just not enough time in the day. We have been spending some time reflecting on this year; its success its failures and the 'we need to try this again'. This year was our first to trial a CSA on the farm. We have enjoyed seeing responses on what we grow and how the farm has changed from y'all. As temperatures are colder and the fields rainier we are spending loads of time planning for next year's crop plan and CSA experience. More details on that to come in the future. 


The Pick up this week and next week will be on a WEDNESDAY. That is the 23rd and 30th respectively. This is to help reduce conflict with any holidays to be observed and to allow staff here to be with family instead of at work. The timeframe will still be the same 3 pm-6 pm and there will be a Farm educator on-site on the 24th and 31st for at least the first half of the day if you are unable to pick up at night. 


We sincerely hope you are enjoying the shares lately as the full bounty of fall/winter starts to come into season. The first of the beets and cauliflower were offered last week and should make a nice return this week too. We have been so impressed by the baby bok choy that seems to grow great but also has a superb flavor! This week we feature our Merlot Cabbage which is a feast for the eyes. These heads are a bit smaller than the napa cabbage you have been receiving and they are a bit more loose, by design, but nonetheless delicious. 

Happy Holidays, 
Village Farm Team