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Farm Blog for Tuesday September 29, 2020

Posted on September 25th, 2020 by Judy Lessler

The next big event at Harland's  Creek Farm is the anticipated arrival of 75 baby chicks due on Monday, September 28.  We ordered these chicks back in April of this year.

Baby chicks arrive with never having eaten or drank anything. They come by mail and we get a call from the post office  saying "your chicks are here." We have a brooder prepared with water and food already laid out. 

I jump into the car and drive the 5 miles to the post office. I play classical music on the way home and, in response, the chicks start up a chorus of peeping.  When we arrive at the farm, we gently unpack them and place them in the brooder. They mill aroud for a bit, see the water, and take a drink. Soon every chick is crowding around a food tray or a water container and stuffing themselves. 

It is a delight.

We are a bit worried this year. With the slowdown in postal service, chicks have been dying before they get to the farms. One farmer ordered 600 chicks and only 11 arrived alive. 

Wishing you healthy eating and safety, 

Judy for all the farmers at Harland's Creek Farm