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Farm Happenings for November 8, 2019

Posted on November 4th, 2019 by Marcus Riedner

Greetings everyone!

Just a reminder that for pickups your eggs will be in coolers on the front deck, and if you miss your pickup they will be moved into the fridge on the deck. On really cold days we will store them in the house so they don't freeze, so please fire a text message if you come outside of pickup hours on really cold days (below -10 C) so we can make sure your eggs are out in the fridge. Or just ring the door bell and say hey.

For those in Calgary we are opening up a pick up site for the staff at WO Mitchell school; if you have kids their let your room teachers know that they can get our eggs right in the staff room. We have posters up already as well.

The chickens are now transitioning into the barns, so you may also see the colour of the eggs change. They will shift into winter eggs, and will have a change in flavour, texture, and colour. This is totally normal, and you can find a number of traditional recipes that use seasonal changes in eggs in your cooking. We are hoping to partner with grocery stores to get aging out produce to supplement our hen feed over the winter, keeping the quality of the eggs up.

Locally Yours,
Marcus, Sarah, Samuel, Boaz.