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Locally Yours from Happiness By The Acre, June 28th, 2020

Posted on June 28th, 2020 by Marcus Riedner

Summer Season Begins!

Welcome to the summer season, to bring on the warm days and thunder storms of July we have three great products you can add to your egg subscriptions.

First, we have our Asparagus and Grilled Pepper Quiche. Made by Chef Alex at The Allium in Calgary, they feature our duck eggs, local asparagus, and in house made pickled onion and roasted peppers. They come frozen, just thaw and reheat for a lovely and easy summer dinner or brunch.

Second, we have a lovely seasonal gourmet Chive Blossom and Sage jelly from Mable's Pantry. Margie has been buying chive blossoms from us for a few years, and she makes them into an amazing jelly with fresh sage. This stuff is grand with cheese platters and charcuterie boards. An excellent option for those late evening summer patio parties.

Thirdly, we have lots of space left in the Summer Salad Add-On from Grand Trunk Veggies. Kye from Grand Trunk has put together a weekly basket of goodies and greens for top notch salads, and he has partnered with local Calgary chefs to add by-weekly salad dressings. Each dressing is unique and designed to pair with the greens of the season.

All three are available as Add-ons and extras.

Auto Renewals & Roll Overs

If you have had any issues with your renewals please contact as soon as possible so they can correct the problem. Please CC us on the email so we are aware as well, or you can send an email to 

Locally Yours,

Marcus, Sarah, Samuel, Boaz