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Final WINTER share this week

Posted on March 22nd, 2020 by Sarah Rider

This week is scheduled to be the final share of the WINTER season. The MAIN SEASON share is set to begin the final week of May. 

Typically, April is our lowest month of production, so we chose to air on the side of caution and build in a few weeks of down time in our harvest schedule. These 6-8 weeks is when the most intense field and  greenhouse work is done.  However, this  we have been called to action by the overwhelming number of people seeking out our farm and our food. Luckily, this winter was mild so we have more greens than typical and our freezers were well stocked with meat supply late in the fall. We are still uncertain if/when the farmers market season will happen, so we are more grateful than ever for you all that have joined the CSA and pledged that commitment to the farm. We are driven to uphold our commitment to get the best, healthiest, freshest food to you. We're not entirely sure exactly what form that may take if some of our drop sites are closed, but we are figuring it out (maybe home delivery?)

We are still going full speed ahead in preparation for a bountiful season. The reality is that we know things are going to change over the next few months and we are ready to pivot as we need in order to get this food to you. 

For the next few weeks, we encourage you to order through our a la carte ordering platform at

Thanks for being here and thanks for you continued support of the farm!

Eat well, be well,