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Farm Happenings for February 21, 2020

Posted on February 14th, 2020 by Sarah Rider

It has been so warm this winter that we haven't needed to cover the crops in the high tunnels. Usually if the temperature dips below 20 degrees at night we will pull row cover over the delicate lettuces, radishes, arugula, and others. Tonight the low is projected around 15, so everyone was tucked in this afternoon. The covers keep it just a little warmer than the ambient air in the high tunnel. A couple extra degrees of warmth can often make a big difference in terms of crop quality in the winter!

You'll see 'Winter Kale' on the share list this week, and it should hang around for a couple of weeks. This kale is by the pound (we don't bunch it) and it's from the field, so it's extra sweet. It is a bit less vibrant green than the kale you've seen so far, but we promise the taste makes up for it!

Bye, bye garlic! The stored garlic is officially no longer, meaning that we've entered the dark garlic-less days of winter. This is the time in which garlic lovers wait hopefully for the garlic scapes and green garlic of spring!