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Farm Happenings for July 14, 2020

Posted on July 10th, 2020 by Sarah Rider

As I type this we are getting a much needed rain. Good for our pastures, veggies, and overall morale. Long stretches of sunny days tend to take their toll, and a raining day is like a much needed break. The rain will also loosen up the ground so I can finish off our last round of plowing. The hard dry soil has been hard work for the horses to plow. It has taken a bit longer to get each half acre field finished because I've been breaking up the work into 2 hour sessions, going out in the early morning and late evening.

New this week in the share are a mix of green and yellow beans, a mix of Italian and Japanese eggplants, and leeks. Some of our salad greens need a break, so no arugula, red Russian kale, or greens mix this week. We'll still try to make the lettuce mix work. The summer squash will be a mix of zephyrs and patty pans. And, it looks like we have enough cucumbers for the share too.

Estimating the amounts of the squash and cucumbers can be a tricky business and sometimes we run short of a certain type. When that happens we will sub a similar item. For example this past week we ran short of zucchini and subbed cucumbers or summer squash. 

As a reminder, be sure to check our your share that Harvie builds. You have the option of swapping items if you feel like you have been getting the same box week after week.

That's all for now,