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Farm Happenings for August 6, 2019

Posted on August 2nd, 2019 by Sarah Rider

CUCUMBERS are here! Many of you have been asking, and we've been anxiously awaiting a large quantity of these beauties to be able to offer them as part of the CSA share. It has been a tough year so far for cucumbers. The first planting was much slimmer than we'd hoped, but the second planting is looking great. 

Check out the Facebook group for more on what we've been up to this week. A few things we've been doing on the farm: spreading compost, mowing the pasture, direct seeding greens and root crops, trellising tomatoes, seeding fall broccoli, laying drip tape, and picking tons of summer fruits. 

A couple of housekeeping items for our delivered shares. Firstly, thank you for returning your boxes to your site hosts! Please remember to return them flattened, as this is extremely helpful to our hosts! Also, please take note of your pick up site's hours. If you arrive before the delivery start time begins, our delivery driver may not have dropped off the shares yet. Thank you for your attention and understanding!

If you find yourself ready to can and preserve the tomatoes of the season, check out the 10 and 25 lbs boxes of seconds and paste tomatoes on the delivery extras list. The seconds tomatoes have only minor surface blemishes and are the best value. 

A vacation-season reminder...if you plan to have a friend, family member or neighbor pick up your share for you, please give them all the share pick-up details, including being careful to grab the box (and any extra items, like eggs) with your name on it. If you have questions or suggestions, please let us know.

If you have a delivered share and would like to order chicken or beef, the best way to do so is through our online store

U-pick Update:  Flying Plow U-pick hours:  Tuesday through Friday: daylight hours Saturday: sun-up to noon

The crop list and limits fluctuate through the week. Please visit the u-pick board in the farm stand to confirm limits, etc. U-pick is exclusively for CSA members and limits are per share, not person picking.

Bring bags and/or containers to hold your veggies (if you forget there are always some in the Farm Stand!). There are also clippers available in the Farm Stand for your use. Please leave your dogs at home. 

Herbs - chives, oregano, thyme, marjoram, lemon verbena, parsley - cut what you'll use!

Flowers - Sunflowers & more - pick a bouquet!

Cherry Tomatoes – Sungold, Blush, Black Cherry, Montesino, Matt's Wild & Yellow Pear. Look for signs in field explaining ripeness! Limit 2 pints per share per week.

Hot Peppers - there are signs in the field explaining which varieties are ready for picking! - Jalapeno - pick green & crinkly; Serrano - pick green or red; Cayenne - pick green or red (best when red); Garden Salsa - pick green; Jersey Long Hots - pick green    --- Limit - a few handfuls of peppers.

Tomatillos - pick when the fruit fills out the husk! Be sure to look in between the leaves and low on the plants to find the ripest ones. PICK AS MANY AS YOU'LL USE.