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Farm Happenings for June11th

Posted on June 7th, 2021 by Kelly Peters

Lettuce, Lettuce and more Lettuce!

- We've got Baby Lettuce Heads, Crisp Leaf, Butter Leaf, Oak Leaf and probably a couple other varieties we've forgotten. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, crops that were planted weeks apart from one another reach maturity simultaneously. This means you all will be receiving an excellent looking and tasting assortment of salad makings this week. In farming only the strong Romaine!


- This week there will be two varieties on offer, the Hakurei and the Scarlett turnip, both are fresh eating salad turnips and do not require cooking. Each provide great flavors, both being mild and tender with the Scarlett carrying just a bit more zing and a creamier texture. Either way you can't go wrong, both varieties will add color and interest to your salad or veggie tray. Heck, get yourself a bunch of each.

Garlic and Shallot Scapes

- Vampires beware, it's that time again. Scapes in many ways are a bonus crop for farmers. Scapes form in the late spring/early summer on hard neck garlic and shallots. Garlic scapes are slender and solid the whole way through, where shallot scapes are more robust, juicy and hollow in the middle. Our favorite ways to prepare garlic scapes are; as a pesto or rolled in oil, pan seared and finished with some chili salt. As for shallot scapes they are great sliced thin used as a fresh garnish, sauteed in a stir fry or cut into 3" lengths and filled with cheese. Scapes how we love thee!

Fresh Strawberries Out the Patch!!!

- Prepare to have your taste buds sent to another dimension of flavor!  Our Strawberries come from our food forest area and are a mix of ever bearing varieties.

With more crops being ready we want to get it out to our members! We have bumped more people up to start their shares this week!  You'll be receiving a separate email if your schedule was adjusted.  As always if you ever have any questions about your schedule or need to re-schedule you can Check your delivery/pick up dates. 

See you all soon!

Your farmers,

Patrick, Kelly, & Lyndsay