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Farm Share Sign Up for 2021 OPEN now!

Posted on January 30th, 2021 by Kelly Peters

We're super excited about this seasons offerings. This season we’re partnering with Sprout and Blossom Farm and Farm and Pantry to expand our offerings, service area, and bring more fresh food to our community. 

Why join early?  

  1. First, joining our farm share early allows us to better plan for the upcoming season.

Knowing how many members are joining us sure takes the guesswork out of knowing how many carrots we will need. Our early membership also helps our farm afford these supplies, when winter income is low and costs for the summer season are upon us.

  1. Joining early also guarantees you get your farm fresh veggies. Our customized summer shares SOLD OUT last year and we had a wait-list. Joining now ensures you will have your spot saved. Don’t miss out!

A few notes:

You’ll notice a few changes to the options available:

 - The Main Season Veggie Shares are listed under both farms (Flat Tack and Sprout & Blossom).  Though we will be working together to grow all of the produce, we are keeping track of each farms shares separately for tracking purposes (and to keep track of our separate members that are re-joining us for this season!)

-There are more sizes available!!!  

        -A personal sized share (which is the equivalent of the Half size Veggie share from last season)

        -A Veggie Lover Share (which is the equivalent of the Flat Tack Farm Full size or Sprout and Blossom Classic Veggie share from last season)

        -We've also added a Family Sized Share which would feed 3-6 people depending on consumption.

-New Add on Options available!  

        -Like the salad share, a salad lover’s dream.  Will include lettuce/salad mix, 2 bunches of sides (like carrots, radishes, arugula, etc), salad dressing, and toppings.

        -Flowers grown on site by Sprout and Blossom & Flat Tack Farm

        -Mushrooms from Columbia River/Bridgetown Mushrooms

-New Options to help those in need get access to fresh produce.  We will be working with local non-profit organizations to help those in need with the cost of their share, or a donated weekly veggie box.  You can make a one time monetary donation at the beginning of the season to sponsor a share, or you can choose to donate a veggie box throughout the season.  If you would like to apply for a scholarship, use SNAP/EBT benefits or need different payment plan options please fill out this form and we will be in touch!

-We will be adding on our own farm cooperative produced eggs this season.  Keep an eye out for these in the extras when the season starts.

Ready to join now? 

Click Here To Join Now