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Farm Share for Week 3 - Another victory for the goundhog

Posted on October 4th, 2020 by Chris Boop

Hello everyone! 

We would like to thank all of you for the great feedback during this past week's deliveries! We appreciate all the kind words but please do not be afraid to let us know if there is something you don't like or another way we can better serve you.  

If you didn't see our recent social media posts, we had some wins this week! We are officially a Certified Naturally Grown (CNG) Farm!  What does that mean?  CNG is similar to the organic certification by the USDA with a few slight differences.  CNG has more limitations on its chemical and pesticide use. In our opinion, a little more strict than USDA regulations. CNG has an elaborate application process and an on-site farm inspection by another CNG farmer.  Overall, it took about 2 months to go through this process and we are very excited to have this certification AND to be the first farm in Hampton Roads to have this certification!  If you would like to learn more about what this certification means, please check out their website.

Okay, so despite our victory with the certification, we lose a battle with the groundhog.  We had previously improved the fencing both inside and outside of the farm area and he still managed to find his way in. This has been an ongoing battle and as you can see by the picture he completely wiped out our spinach and kale beds.  We do have some replacement transplants ready to go so it's not a total loss. We'll just be delayed in getting those products to you.  The new hole has been repaired and we have made an offering of some left over squash and a kale plant outside of the fence in hopes he will stay away.  

Again, thank you for the support and your patience with our groundhog battle! 


Chris & Allyson