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James on Our Winter Warehouse Work

Posted on January 11th, 2022 by Featherstone Farm


Dear CSA members, I hope that all of our beautiful winter vegetables are finding you well! The winter season brings a shift in the way we all think about farming here, and brings about a whole new set of challenges and pleasantries.  

This morning I spent about 10 minutes thawing the dock plate that is needed to load our trucks with, using a small flame thrower (really it is a torch, but flame thrower sounds cooler!).  This sort of challenge is not something you think about when the word ‘Organic’ or ‘Vegetables’ come to mind. On the flip side of that coin, one of the newer pleasantries around the warehouse is that we have a nice heated indoor space with newer washing equipment that has undoubtedly made it easier for us to produce clean winter vegetables, but also easier on our bodies and minds.  

Our newer washing equipment, which is now located in heated indoor space.

Also this year for the first time, we have 2 of our visa workers, Mira and Veronica, here until the end of February. They know the work so well and bolster our workforce in a way that makes it possible for us to focus on producing quality vegetables in your boxes, as well as everything in between such as crop planning and beginning the budgeting process for the 2022 season. With that said, the best part is just having genuinely wondering human beings to be around, especially when its easy to complain about equipment malfunctions or the sub zero temperatures!  

Mira and Veronica packing carrots in the warehouse.

As always, I hope this little snippet of writing piques your interest. I always say we cannot do what we do, or face all of these unique things without you, our CSA community, supporting us  every step of the way. Again, I hope you enjoy the vegetables and thanks for all you do and all you mean to Featherstone Farm.

Thanks again!    


James Mabry

Warehouse Coordinator