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Nathan on Farm Crew Goodbyes + Winter Work Ahead

Posted on November 23rd, 2021 by Featherstone Farm


Hello CSA members! 

It seems like a lifetime ago that I wrote to you all, way back in early October. Thank you to all for your continued support of locally grown food, and a warm welcome to anyone who is new to the membership for this Winter season!  The farm has gone through a big swing over the last couple of weeks with workers leaving, outdoor work all but wrapped up, and our skeleton crew focused like a laser beam on getting veggies washed and packed for the upcoming holiday stretch. 

The goodbyes that come along with winter shift are always bittersweet, but this year felt especially emotional. On one hand how could I not be thrilled for my friends that are now happily in the arms of their loved ones that they haven’t seen for 6 months, but there is also no denying or avoiding the giant hole left in our lives here in Rushford once they have boarded their planes and the feeling sinks in that we won’t be punching in to work together the next day. In the spirit of this Thanksgiving week I choose to focus on how incredibly grateful I am to all of our recently departed co-workers. On so many levels the Mexican workers have changed Featherstone Farm, but more than anything it’s the personal relationships and the ability to call each other friends that is the difference maker for me. 

Group photo from our sending off party last week

Now, those of us who are left enter the season of warehouse work. Five to eight of us in the warehouse will be plugging away for the next few months, working on pulling out stored up product from fall harvests and getting them packaged up for shipping out. We have some beautiful crop stacked high in all the coolers. Bins upon bins of all your favorites. Carrots! Cabbage! Beets! Enough to last us well into the bitter cold of February. 

I hope you are all doing well and can enjoy some time of doing whatever makes the holiday season special for you in the coming weeks, and that these hefty winter boxes that you receive lead to some delicious meals with loved ones. We are unbelievable thankful for your support as members in these winter months. It keeps us all working and supported and we couldn’t do it without you! 

Thanks again,



Operations Coordinator