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End of the Season Reminders + Details, Please Read!

Posted on October 2nd, 2020 by Featherstone Farm


Fall is here and it's time to review some end of the summer season reminders and details.  Please make sure to note the following:

Last Summer Delivery Week:  We have 3 more weeks of delivery.  Our last summer deliveries are on October 21st + 22nd.  Please mark your calendars.

Summer Credits Expire this October:  Any credits you may have accrued from either our Early Bird Special (signing up and paying in full by February 28th) or from missing items in your box during the summer weeks, expire at the end of the summer season.*  If you have any questions about if you have credits or how to use them, please click here for easy instructions.

*If you are a winter member and also paid in full by Feb 28th for our upcoming winter season, your Early Bird credits (both any remaining summer ones and the credit for winter payment in full) will be good on your account until March of 2021.

HOLDS on Previous Shares Need to be Rescheduled by October 17th:  If you placed a “hold”  on any of your past share deliveries (instead of rescheduling it), this resulted in forfeiting that share for the week and no additional payment was charged to your card for that held share.  We do not offer any refunds for holds. You are limited to three holds per calendar year.  Any summer holds not rescheduled for a summer delivery week by October 17th will be considered forfeit.  To reschedule any holds you have placed or to check if you have any past shares still on hold, please follow the instructions here:

How to check on / reschedule past held shares:

To check on / reschedule a past held share

  1. Login to your account here.
  2. Go to the “Deliveries” tab at the top of your homepage.
  3. If you have past held shares, those shares will show up on the top of the page with the option to “Remove On Hold”. You will be prompted to choose a new date. The system will default to the next available date. 

For more help with rescheduling shares and placing holds, please click here.

Secure your Farm Share for Summer 2021:
 We've sold out of our summer and winter shares for the past two straight seasons.  If you would like to secure your summer share for 2021 now, please make sure your account auto-renewal settings are set to "on."  We wil auto-renew 2020 summer members for summer of 2021 in early February.  If you do not want to be auto-renewed, please change your settings to "off."

To set your auto-renewal to your preference: please go to your Harvie account here.  On your homepage, under the drop down tab named "My Profile," click on the "auto-renewal settings" link. 

Thank you for your membership this summer and we hope you enjoy the fall bounty in these last few boxes of the season!


Patty and the Featherstone Crew