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From Ignacio, on our Field Production Crew

Posted on September 11th, 2020 by Featherstone Farm


Greetings CSA members,  

My name is Ignacio and I recently sctarted working at Featherstone farm. Due to the pandemic that has affected all of us, I went through a few unexpected life changes. A few months back I was living in Senegal, West Africa working as a Peace Corps volunteer. Then back in March we got evacuated because of Covid-19. Needless to say, not long ago I had no idea I would be working at Featherstone farm but this unforeseen change has brought me numerous blessings and has given me the opportunity to learn many new things.  

During my time here I’ve mainly focused on field production working under one of our team crew leaders named Esteban but I have also been part of the other aspects of the farm such as, harvesting and working for the warehouse. This has allowed me to get a better picture of what it really takes to get our favorite vegetables at the store. Before I started working here, I would go to the grocery store and buy tomatoes not knowing the amount of dedication, hard work and determination it took for those tomatoes to get to my hands. Every time I get the chance to seed, transplant, harvest or do any other job at the farm I am thankful and reminisce on the infinite amount of times people did the same for me just to feed me. It is a blessing to return this favor to people that will enjoy our products.  

Esteban’s team, everyone else at the farm, and all the other farmers across the world should be proud of the work they put in day and day out.  They are out there during heatwaves in the summer, during cold weather, in the rain and even during forest fires just to provide us food. I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of this giant puzzle and I will forever remember the farmers and their hard work next time I buy their vegetables.   

Thank you for your support,


Ignacio Reatiga  

Field Production Team