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From James and Our Warehouse!

Posted on August 7th, 2020 by Featherstone Farm


Good morning all! My name is James, and I am the Warehouse Coordinator at Featherstone Farm. I am writing from my desk this morning trying to compose my thoughts after sending out our largest wholesale order of the year, barely fitting into 2 semi-trailers, a straight truck, and a sprinter Van.  

If I were to describe Featherstone as one body, the field operations as the bone structure and harvest operations as the blood, the Warehouse and our crew would be the muscle, tendon, and ligament. Sinew if you will, connecting everything together. We have a unique vantage point in that we can see how our product is naturally, from the field, and how it transforms after washing, grading and packing into many different sizes of boxes, bins, totes, and bags. We sometimes complete the whole chain, from harvesting, washing and packing, and shipping. It gives you an appreciation for the sometimes less glamorous and behind the scenes action that keeps the natural flow of our operation going.  

My crew of Veronica, Mayra, Adan, and Steve could not make my life any better here. They’re attention to detail, problem solving, and just outright positivity in the face of adversity makes this job the best it could be. Without them, the challenge of getting you the perfectly ripe heirloom tomato, bright glowing orange carrots, or tastiest red watermelon would seem almost impossible to accomplish.  

Veronica sanitizing harvest bins

As I sit in the quietness with my thoughts, the familiar sounds of the warehouse play in the background. The hum of the forklift, the creak of the wash line, and many doors opening and closing remind me of what’s to come.  

It won’t be too long before we have a haul of winter squash, followed by cabbage, beets, and everyone’s favorite, turnips! Even as I write this, I can imagine the cool fall wind, dropping leaves, and warm sweatshirts. But for now, lets enjoy the rest of what the summer can offer us, if only for a short while longer!

As I close, I really hope you all enjoy what you get every week. It’s a great pleasure to know people are being fed, and being fed well. Just know that you are buying in to people that have bought in, we believe whole heartedly in what we do and know we could not do any of it without your support. Thank you, and may the rest of the year be a blessing to all of you.



James Mabry

Warehouse Coordinator