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D&V Organics CSA Week 28

Posted on November 21st, 2020 by Derek Zember

D&V Organics CSA Week 28

Last week was a rushed week for us at the farm, with the most significant cold night of the Fall so far.  Thursday morning's temperature went all the way down to 19F, which is enough to destroy several of our last crops of the season.  We spent a few days last week protecting the most sensitive plants with an agricultural "blanket" of sorts, that prevents frost from settling on the leaves of sensitive crops and damaging the leaves.  The crops under the "blanket" or "row cover", as we call it, are often 5-8F warmer than the ambient air temperature, providing an acceptable level of protection.  We are happy to say that given all of our hard work covering so many things, we aren't seeing any significant damage to our crops.

Thanksgiving is this week, which will interfere with our regular Thursday deliveries.  We will be delivering shares on Wednesday (instead of Thursday) directly to our customers in Camden county with existing orders and will not be accepting additional orders for delivery in Camden county.  Additional weekly boxes can be ordered and picked up at the farm on Wednesday and Friday this week.  Please contact us with any additional questions.


Derek & Vicky