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D&V Organics CSA Week 12

Posted on August 1st, 2020 by Derek Zember

D&V Organics CSA Week 12

This week looks like all of us will be bracing for some heavy rains due to the incoming hurricane.  We worry a bit about excessive rains and the impact it has on our soils and both our young and established vegetable crops.  While we like the rain for all of the obvious reasons, we also realize that rainy/wet weather can cause a plethora of plant related disease problems in our crops.  Our ability to irrigate our crops via our irrigation system means that we are not heavily dependent on rain to meet the crops' demand for water; we would much rather it rained very little during the growing season.  Also of particular concern is erosion caused by excessive or heavy rainfall.  We have laid out our fields in such a way that allows us to easily manage and record the locations of our various crops over the growing seasons, but our layout also breaks up our planting areas with permanent grass roadways, helping to eliminate soil compaction and erosion over time.  This time of year we are turning fields over and preparing to plant new crops for the Fall harvest, as well as plant cover crops to eliminate erosion over the Winter months, so many large planting areas exist on the farm with loose bare soil, subject to erosion.  Hurricane season always has us on edge because we are trying to move through the season, business as usual, but are always leery of the impact of these unpredictable natural forces.  

We are excited to be hitting the rough halfway point for the full season CSA.  So many awesome vegetables in the works for the Fall!


Derek & Vicky