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Winter/Spring Meat Share 2020-2021-Coopers CSA Farm Happenings Jan 16-21

Posted on January 8th, 2021 by Coopers CSA Farm


This is where we let you know;

  • Urgent changes
  • FAQ answers
  • Instructions unique to the time of the season
  • Special Coupon Codes & deals only available to members
  • Special items coming up in the extras
  • & More

*It's worth the quick read!


Hello Everyone!

Pictured Above: A butt chop with AMAZING MARBLING. Some of you may not be a big fan of fat- and there are many valid reasons on why one should be careful with how much fat they intake.

Something to know about fat from animals: IT'S WHERE THE FLAVOURS AT!! Beef or Pork - Fat makes a massive difference when it comes to taste. If you consider yourself a meat connoisseur, you want the good marbling. 

So what's new?

Current Updates:

Welcome Back!:

  • We hope you all had good times & good health this past holiday and in welcoming the new year.
  • We ourselves had a nice break & are ready to get back to work! (Sort of ... hehe)



  • We are looking to get sign ups open by the end of this month
  • As current/previous members- you get first crack at signing up! 
  • We will be offering discounts this year;
    • EARLY BIRD: Sign up within the (TBD) time frame AND pay in full to receive 5% off your entire order
    • Super Duper Cooper Special: Spend over $1499 on shares & receive 5% off.
  • Potential to save 10% off your entire order!
  • Do not wait! We will eventually open up to the public & we do have high potential to sell out. 

Extras - Potentially switching to a better shopping experience

  • Right now we have to hand write A LOT of stickers for frozen item orders (such as pre-made meals or meat) due to system limitations. Making our admin. system very inefficient & leaves us vulnerable to making mistakes when it comes to making orders (such as missing an item in you order!)
  • HARVIE has been working with us on a way to upgrade this so that we can reduce our human error
  • Be pre-pared to possibly see a different look & access to shop our extras over the next couple of months 

Have home delivery?

  • Have a cooler on your porch for us to put your share in to keep it safe from the elements.


PLEASE Return Boxes & Red Freezer Bags!

We also take back mason jars & 12 hole Egg Cartons 

  • We like to reuse as much as we can :)
  • leave them out your next delivery for the driver to get when they drop off your next order.
    • If you are a pick up, you can leave the items at that location and we will grab them.
  • If your red bag has a water bottle in it, leave it in! It's an icepack to help keep the items frozen during delivery. We refreeze them and use them multiple times.

If you &/or your family are currently quarantined, Please keep your items for now.

 *This is where you can stop reading. Below is helpful info about your HARVIE account, tips & tricks for customizing your share & so on.


Reminders On How The Share Works/ Tips & Tricks

We Sometimes Miss Items...

  • We do a lot of counting & packing during the week & sometimes we miss putting an item in a box or in an extras order.
  • Just email us! We have accepted that we are only human and mistakes happen.
  • If we miss something of yours, we will get those items to you.


  • Be sure to check your email for on Friday's for the 'customization' email. 
    • This is where you can change your share & purchase extras!
  • Sundays @ the cut off time (3pm) we close the customization period!
    • We start printing orders.
    • NO changes can be made and NO extras can be purchased after this.
  • Sometimes our emails end up as SPAM. Check your junk email often!
  • Know your share & your pick up/delivery day.
    • Write it on a calendar!


  • Please log into your account and set your preferences for every item we have (yes every item!). This is how the program customizes your boxes. Plus we use these preferences in cases where we need to manually make up your share.
  • You can change your preferences any time you want.
  • Here's a 'how to' video on how to do this!

Your HARVIE account has your answers!

  • What is in my share this week?
  • Payment plan charges.
  • When are my next deliveries?
  • How to reschedule or change locations.
  • Change or update preferences
  • Change credit card info
  • Check out your profile. :)
  • Check your junk email sometimes if you believe your customization emails didn't come in.

Watch this Video! These are the secret tips on how to make changes to your boxes, swapping, rescheduling, shopping the extras & more!

How to navigate the customization page for your shares!


  • If you enjoy our pre-made meals, maple syrup, honey, jams, baked goods etc. You can order these items in the extras section on your harvie account. As members, we make a well stocked inventory specially for you.
  • SO, please purchase these extra items here.

If you want to see more of what we're up to, you can follow us:

  • Facebook: Coopers CSA Farm page
  • Instagram: @coopscsafarm
  • Twitter: @CoopersFarm

Wishing you and you family the best this summer!

-Steve, Lisa & The Cooper's Farm Family