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Common Roots Urban Farm CSA Newsletter #13

Posted on September 3rd, 2020 by Terra Dumas

* Special Request: If you have extra paper of plastic bags we would gladly take them off your hands! You can drop them off to us at CSA pickup!*

Did you feel it? I felt it. It was the other day, early evening. The first feeling of cool fall air. It’s coming. 

Trees that were flush with green leaves start to show signs of fading. Mowing frequency has decreased. But, for me, the first sign of a waning summer is garlic. Garlic is harvested around the Fourth of July. My thought process is this: Since garlic is planted in fall of the previous year, it gets the earliest spring sunlight. Throughout spring, sunlight intensity increases and boosts garlic growth. Then, when the summer solstice arrives, sunlight gently starts to wane and garlic can no longer support growth. The ends of the leaves turn yellow, it slowly dies and the color drains. Then we pull it out of the ground, clean it up, and give it to you. 

Anyway, my feet got cold the other day. That means it’s almost fall. Those are the rules. Enjoy the milder weather and appreciate the change! 

Eat well and enjoy.