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Common Roots Urban Farm CSA Newsletter #11

Posted on August 17th, 2020 by Terra Dumas

NOTE: This week at pickup everyone will have a choice of Raspberries, Watermelon or Cantaloupe to add to your share. Depending on when you arrive, all three may not still be available to choose from but everyone will get something!

I adopted my first dog at the age of 29. I had been a lifelong cat person until that point. I felt comfortable with the idea of being a dog owner, but there were a lot of people with cautionary tales that had me second guessing my conviction. In the end I decided that my experience would be what I made of it and I followed my intuition.

 The words ‘pit bull’ can conjure up many images of mean and angry dogs. Unfortunately, they have captured headlines for all the wrong reasons. My experience has been one in stark contrast to those portrayed to me, but at the time I was susceptible to the myths and stigma. The pitty I was adopting was a rescue with an unclear backstory and I was cautiously a aware of all of the unknowns. 

When I saw her in the shelter she was relatively calm for a year and a half old puppy. The card on her kennel said her name was Charlotte. She shared the same name with my beloved akso:d (“Grandma” in the Seneca language). She was sweet and engaging and smart when we got to meet in the meet-and-greet room at the shelter. I was smitten. But I couldn’t take her home just yet. She needed to be spayed. 

I picked her up on a warm fall day. The leaves crunched under her paws as we walked out of the vet and out to my little Honda coupe. She still was a bit drowsy from the surgery. We drove away that day and started our new lives as partners in life. She’s been at my side ever since.

 I cannot express the love and appreciation I’ve gained for dogs over the past 6 years. Being a dog owner has been one of the great accomplishments of my life. I am now the proud partner of both Charlotte and Michigan (Mich was adopted 2 years after Charlotte) and we continue to grow and learn together. It is an incredible experience bonding with another species and finding that love is really a universal language. 

We appreciate everyone accommodating them at the farm pick-ups and apologize to those at Roswell who are unable to get some face time with the farm dogs. Feel free to stop by the farm and say hi! 

Eat well and enjoy.