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Common Roots Urban Farm CSA Newsletter #8

Posted on August 3rd, 2020 by Terra Dumas

Dew lingers on freshly cut grass. Slowly rising from its nocturnal resting spot, the sun slowly warms the ground and hastens the tiny droplets into their gaseous form. The moist air promptly adheres itself to my skin. Dogs slumber lazily under the sprawling shade of our Norway maple tree. Sunflowers adjust their gaze to greet their source of life. Bees buzz dutifully back to their hives engorged with nectar and coated in pollen. Birds call out from the trees in search of a reply. The radio plays the news. It’s a peaceful Saturday. But not just any Saturday. It’s a CSA Saturday. 

In years past we have had some stressful mornings preparing for pickups and trying to figure out share offerings. This year we have found it to be much more straightforward and streamlined. However, the amount of work never decreases and so we usually find ourselves pushing to meet our eleven o’clock deadline. We appreciate your patience if we are not completely prepared when you arrive!

 Back to Saturday…With the closing of a car door, dogs uniformly awake and start barking and running in a rush to greet the first visitor. Pickup begins!Please always feel free to come and roam the farm. Our farm is here because of your help and we love to share it and show it off whenever possible! 

Eat well and enjoy.