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Farm Happenings for November 19th, 2022

Posted on November 17th, 2022 by Mike Finger

The customization period for this coming Saturday's (November 19th) farm share is now OPEN and will remain so until nearly midnight tonight (Thursday)!  If you'd like to review or edit the items in your harvest NOW is the time to do so.  Once again, we have a robust list of crops available for this week's harvest , so if you do want to delete, swap, or add items you have some choices available to you.  If the link in this email doesn't connect you to your customization page, you can always log directly into your Harvie member account and customize from that location. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need help with customizing your share.

This Week's Photo:  Pictured is the intrepid and lovely Georgi Huddle, who has for the past 25+ years joined us Wednesday mornings to help the crew pack farm shares .  Georgi has been with us through all the changes and growth we've undergone over the years, always with great humor, generosity, and a work ethic that doesn't falter. Her role changed a few years ago when we adopted the Harvie custom share packing system.  She is now our share box lead, a job that requires her to organize the boxes for each of our 20 sites, including applying the custom label to each member's box.  A straight forward task when the weather is friendly, but vexing when the cold arrives.  Frustrated that numb fingers made it difficult and painful to set up and label share boxes, she did what any handy gal would do ~ she knitted herself a pair of special "finger tip-less" mittens that leaves only the tips of her thumbs and index fingers exposed just enough to allow her to peel the box labels from their backing.  Now that's hutzpa and can do (and a happier Georgi)!   Thank You Georgi for your many  years of support in helping us get the food to the people, while displaying grace, kindness, and your creative brand of industry!

THANK YOU, GOOD MEMBERS, FOR RETURNING YOUR  BOXES as often as you can manage.  We have deployed almost our entire inventory of boxes into the delivery stream and are on a constant scramble to locate more we can use for your shares.  EVERY BOX YOU RETURN is one we don't have to buy or scrounge for!  Thank You for your support in this regard!

Enjoy the harvest and this dynamic season we are entering.

Your Farmers,

Mike, Kim, Matt, Georgi, Ashley, Debbie, Arden, and Lauren

Cedarville Farm