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Farm Happenings for Week 6

Posted on July 19th, 2020 by Mathew Levinson

Hi Folks! I'm very excited to be offering a couple new products this week. The first new offering is available as an add-on purchase for you: edible flowers! Sourced from a couple friends of mine, Emily and Karin, who specialize in edible flowers and herbal teas, grown organically at the Just Food Farm. They're great for adding a little pop of colour to your salads, or for garnishing just about anything you cook! They're farm is called Leaf House City Farm.

Second is fresh garlic! This was my first time growing garlic and it's looking really nice. Just a forewarning: fresh hardneck garlic is much more pungent than the typical cured/dried softneck garlic that you find at the supermarket. The garlic is part of the veggies subscription, so doesn't need to be purchased as an add-on. Hope you enjoy!