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Week 2 Veggie Deliveries!

Posted on June 22nd, 2020 by Mathew Levinson

Hi Everyone!


Week 2 of veggies is coming soon! For some of you, this will be the first week of your subscription. 

Here is a quick reminder of how the ordering, customizing, and delivery will go: As of now (Monday morning) Harvie has put together an order for you based on the preferences you set and what I have ready to harvest this week. You have until Tuesday (tomorrow) night at 11:59pm to customize your order (by, say, removing radishes from your order and getting extra baby spinach instead, for example). Wednesday morning, Nicole and I will harvest and wash everything to order. Thursday morning, Caylin and I will finish packing your orders and then I'll hit the road and deliver the farm-fresh veg to those of you who are signed up for home delivery.

For farm picker-uppers, your pick-up is at 2391 Pepin Court between 5-7pm. I'll be waiting for you with your veggies on the right side of the big red barn. For Saturday picker-uppers, your pick-up is at 48 Delaware Ave 9-11am.

The first veggies of the season are looking really really great and I know that you'll love them, but unfortunately I don't have as much variety to offer at this time as I'd hoped. We have had some challenges with fluctuating temperatures and not much rainfall this Spring that have slowed down some of the production. Know that I'll be turning up the dials on irrigation and will make it up to you with bountiful offerings later on in the season!


Thank you so much for your support and have a great week!