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Farm Happenings for June 30, 2020

Posted on June 28th, 2020 by Chad and Liz Shinn

Hello All,

Been a hot one the last week, we made it through and tomatoes are beginning to ripen. Quantities will be low this week but will pick up in the following weeks.  Cherry tomatoes are also coming along.  We hired a new employee this week to the squad.  More help to get more food to you our farm tribe members.

Also this week we have added a few ADD-ON products from our online store and made them available to you here through our CSA membership.



Vegetable Lasagna

Wahl Family Farms

Ground Beef

Langolias Sheep Milk

Mother Culture Jun

32 oz  Mathca, Nettle, Spearmint / Ginger, Lemon, Damiana / Black Current, Blueberry, Lavender, Tulsi / Elderberry, Hawthorn Berry.

Not sure what Jun is ? Head on over to to find out what the excitement is all about.

La Mariposa

Local cheese created in Albany with Argentinian roots

2 varieties of Chubut, 3 varieties of Petit Suisse, a lovely Clothbound Cheddar, and a more delectable Dolce de Leche (handmade caramel sauce) yummy.


Thats it from the farm this week.

Hope everyone is well, till next time....


Liz and Chad