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Week 6 Fall CSA, 2020

Posted on December 1st, 2020 by Aspen Moon Farm

This week's arugula and spicy green mix are coming out of our Hoop House (photo above).  A Hoop House is basically a large coldframe (30x96') with no supplemental heat.  We open the doors every morning for good airflow and then close them before the sun leaves them to keep the warmth in for the night.  The white row cover that you see is propped up by metal hoops and adds an extra layer of warmth but allows for light, air, and moisture to permeate.  You will notice the leaves look a little different and more tender than the last harvest which came out of the field.  It is interesting to observe how plants respond to different growing climates.  We planted these seeds in mid October and we are so happy they grew up so well for a good December harvest.  A typical summer planting of arugula in the field will be this size for harvest in just 30 days.  Fall plantings are always a mystery because the weather can vary so widely.  

Arugula and Spicy Greens make great salad (radicchio is great mixed in too) and the spicyness mellows tremendously once you add salad dressing.  They are also great in sandwiches, burritos, tacos, pasta, quiche, pizza, mac-n-cheese, soup, and rice.  Or sautee them lightly with just a little olive oil and salt- YUM!  These greens are full of nutrient dense benefits including calcium, iron, zinc, vitamin C, vitamin K, fiber, and even a little protein.  

Next week (Dec 16&17 pickup) will be the last Fall CSA share.  I will include some good tips for longer storage of your veggies for some of you who may be stocking up for winter.