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Last Farm Share Pick Up of the Season

Posted on April 18th, 2022 by Cristian DeRusha

Hello, Foodie Friends and Neighbors!

The farm is entering the final four-week rotation of the season, which means this will be the last time you pick up your farm share until we kick off again in November. This has been a very productive year, and we’ve been able to share a lot of great food together. Here are some quick thoughts as we enter the summer:

+ Please look out for the link to the Farm survey coming out in the “What’s Sprouting” newsletter soon. We always look forward to reading your feedback and learning ways we can serve you better moving forward. 

+ If you haven’t already, please also update your vegetable preferences in Harvie. And don’t worry about being polite. If you don’t like it, rate it the lowest rating and you’ll never see it in your share. What’s more, high or low ratings collectively tell us farmers what you’d like us to grow more or less of next year. 

+ Finally, please don’t be a stranger. Just because you’re not picking up a farm share doesn’t mean you can’t come shop at the farm’s general store. We’d love to see you throughout the summer. And we’ll be offering plenty of tropical fruit during that time to hopefully lure you in. Mangoes, anyone!? 

Thanks for another great season. And see y’all soon!